Round chest pads

A round chest pad is a crucial component of underwear that can push the chest and enhance sports comfort by reducing friction on the chest and visually improving chest sagging.


Our business, which has a thorough and scientific quality management system, specializes in the production and processing of underwear model cups, yoga wear, sports vests, bras, and other products. The business uses fresh, trend-appropriate styles and modeling patterns as well as high-quality raw materials. The chest cup's consistent form and breathability are of utmost importance. Long-term steady quality, prompt delivery, and reasonably priced items from large and medium-sized underwear producers.


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  • Chest pad is an important part of underwear, which provides many benefits for women. First of all, they reduce the friction between breasts and between breasts and clothes, and avoid unnecessary discomfort. Secondly, the chest pad visually improves the appearance of drooping breasts, making them look more straight and elastic. In addition, the chest pad provides support and promotion for the breast, providing additional protection and support. This is very important for increasing comfort and reducing breast movement and discomfort during exercise, so that you can participate in various sports with confidence.

  • Chest pads are an essential part of underwear, providing various benefits for women. Firstly, they reduce friction between the breasts and between the breasts and clothing, avoiding unnecessary discomfort. Secondly, chest pads visually improve the appearance of sagging breasts, making them appear more lifted and firm. Additionally, chest pads provide support and uplift to the breasts, offering extra support and protection. This is particularly crucial for enhancing comfort during physical activities, reducing breast movement and discomfort, allowing you to engage in various sports with confidence.

  • Our high-quality sponge material provides excellent resilience, ensuring that our products remain soft and retain their shape even after machine washing. They offer a breathable and bare sensation, adhering closely to the body. With a 3D stereoscopic design, they provide firm uplift and prevent sagging, showcasing a full and slender waistline. The all-around comfort and smooth touch create a seamless and natural appearance, allowing you to confidently showcase your graceful curves.