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How do you know what size shoulder pads you are? Huazi provides you with the perfect guide


In sports, the correct fit of protective equipment is crucial, especially in intense contact sports such as American football, hockey and rugby. Shoulder pads are key equipment to protect athletes' shoulders and chests from impact. The appropriate size of shoulder pads is directly related to the safety and comfort of athletes. Huazi, as a professional brand of sports protection equipment, is committed to providing athletes with the highest quality equipment and usage guides. Here is information from the Huazi brand on how to know which size shoulder pad is right for you.


How do you know what size shoulder pads you are


1. Measure shoulder width


To choose the right shoulder pad, you first need to accurately measure your shoulder width. Use a tape measure to measure in a straight line along your back from the outside of one shoulder to the outside of the other shoulder. Make sure the tape measure fits snugly against the curve of your shoulder for an accurate measurement. Huazi's shoulder pad product description provides a detailed size chart, you can choose the corresponding size according to the measurement results.


2. Consider bust size


Shoulder pads not only need to cover the shoulders, but also wrap the chest appropriately. Therefore, when choosing shoulder pads, you also need to measure your chest circumference. Make a circle around the widest part of your chest and record the measurement. The sizing chart provided by Huazi takes into account both shoulder width and chest circumference to ensure the overall fit of the shoulder pads.


3. Trying on shoulder pads


Measuring is only the first step, trying it on is the key to confirming whether the shoulder pad fits properly. When you try on the Huazi shoulder pad, pay attention to whether the top part of the shoulder pad is close to the tip of your shoulder. Shoulder pads that are too large or too small will affect sports performance and protection. The right shoulder pad should fit snugly around your shoulders without slipping during exercise, while also not restricting your range of motion.


4. Inspection of the adjustment belt


The Huazi shoulder pads are equipped with adjustable straps to ensure that the shoulder pads can adapt to athletes of different sizes. When trying them on, check that the adjustment straps securely hold the shoulder pads in place without causing any pressure. Properly adjusted straps can provide extra support and comfort.


5. Activity test


After putting on the Huazi shoulder pads, conduct a series of exercise tests, such as arm raising, turning and bending, to ensure that the shoulder pads will not restrict your activities during exercise. The right shoulder pad should allow you to move freely while providing the necessary protection.


6. Professional advice


If you have difficulty choosing a shoulder pad, Huazi recommends that you consult a professional sporting goods salesperson or coach. They can provide professional advice to help you choose the most suitable shoulder pad.


The above is "How do you know what size shoulder pads you are". Choosing the right size shoulder pads is crucial to protecting athletes from injury. By accurately measuring your shoulder width and chest circumference, trying on the shoulder pads, checking the adjustment straps, performing activity tests, and seeking professional advice, you can be sure to find the best shoulder pad for you. As a professional sports protection equipment brand, Huazi has been committed to providing athletes with the best products and services to ensure that every athlete can perform their best on the field safely and confidently.