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Why do athletes use shoulder pads? Experts explain its importance


Sports are an important part of many people's lives, however, high-contact sports like rugby, ice hockey and rugby can cause serious harm to athletes' bodies. To protect athletes from potential risks, shoulder pads have become indispensable equipment. Today we invited experts to explain why athletes use shoulder pads and their importance in keeping athletes safe.


Why do athletes use shoulder pads


Shoulder pads are designed to absorb and disperse impact forces to reduce an athlete's likelihood of injury during play. Here’s what experts have to say about the importance of shoulder pads:


1. Cushioning: The main function of shoulder pads is to reduce the impact of contact and impact when athletes compete. They are made of energy-absorbent material that cushions impact forces, reducing potential injuries to the shoulders and neck.


2. Protect joints: In high-contact sports, shoulder joints often bear greater pressure and impact. Shoulder pads can provide extra protection and reduce the risk of joint sprains, dislocations and other shoulder injuries.


3. Prevent fractures and soft tissue injuries: Shoulder pads protect bones and soft tissues in the event of a direct impact. They effectively disperse impact forces, thereby reducing the likelihood of shoulder fractures and soft tissue damage.


4. Self-confidence and psychological impact: Athletes wearing shoulder pads during competition will increase their self-confidence and help them focus on the game. Athletes can participate in high-intensity on-court confrontations with greater fearlessness knowing they are well protected.


5. Game Rules: Many high-contact sports leagues require players to wear shoulder pads. This is to ensure the fairness of competition and the safety of athletes. Athletes not wearing shoulder pads may be prohibited from competing.


Finally, experts stress the importance of proper use and fit of shoulder pads. Proper size and correct wearing style ensure that shoulder pads provide optimal protection. Athletes should ensure they wear shoulder pads that fit their body properly and regularly replace worn or damaged parts according to the manufacturer's recommendations.


In summary, shoulder pads play a vital role in high-contact sports and can reduce the risk of injury for athletes during competition. Athletes should always put their own safety first and always wear shoulder pads that fit them well to ensure they can perform at their best during competition.